Kungaloosh!, y’all!  I’m your esteemed host, Drunky.  Welcome, welcome to our official site to help launch our book, Drinking at Disney: A Tipsy Travel Guide to Walt Disney World’s Bars, Lounges, and Glow Cubes.  With me, as always, is my chipper editor, Rhiannon.  We are beyond excited for the release of our Russian Novel-length baby, which is currently going through the editorial and layout process.  Until the official birthday later this summer (undoubtedly a national holiday in the making), we’ll be using this site to generate excitement, suspense, and intrigue.

A little bit more about me: My name is Drunky, and you can find me on most days somewhere on Walt Disney World property with a Tervis Tumbler in my hand.  You can find me on all days on Twitter or Instagram as @DrunkAtDisney, where I pontificate on such profound topics as hot dogs served in baked potatoes, the illegitimacy of the Canada Pavilion’s beer cart, and personal coolers.  Join me!  I’ll let Rhiannon chime in in agreement here:


“Sure.”  My Stockholm Syndrome must be reaching new lows, as I’m actually contractually connected to this doof now.  Who’d have envisioned that happening?  For those unfamiliar, the proper answer to that question is, “literally no one ever.”  You can find me most days on Twitter as @DefiniteDisney, talking anything and all things Disney.  And you can find me all days on Twitter shaking my head judgmentally at Señor Drunko.


Ignore her; she’s cranky by nature.  Luckily, you have my sequined personality to help guide you on what is sure to be a whirlwind tour of Walt Disney World’s bars and lounges!  I can’t wait to get started!  Until then, get pumped, get teased, and get hungry from the delectable tidbits we shall sample here.