The Disney Bar Graveyard

Disney giveth, and Disney taketh away. Rather than simply trashing our hard-earned insights and opinions, we collect them here, in the Disney graveyard of bars. Let's pour one out for our fallen friends, and then pour one for ourselves.

High Octane.jpg

Out with Lights! Motors! Action meant out for High Octane. Thanks, Toy Story Land.

(May 1, 1989 - April 2, 2016)

Bars - Resorts - YC - Compass.jpg

Original Ale & Compass

Winner of the Most Improved award! Well, its replacement was. RIP to this waste of space.

(1990 - 2017)

Bars - Epcot - Margarita Stand.jpg

It used to be to the right of the Aztec temple. Now it's on the left. Somehow this deserved a new review?

(1982? - Summer 2016)

Bars - DS - Fultons.jpg

Fulton's was dumped for a younger, hotter model. It now lives here with its four cats.

(March 10, 1996 - April, 2016)

Bars - DS - Wolfgang.jpg

Wolfgang Puck's

Good Riddance.

(September 16, 1997 - August 1, 2017)

Bars - DS - Portobello.jpg

Disney decided to put a fork in this boring Italian restaurant. It was then replaced by a boring Italian restaurant.

(May 1, 1989 - April, 2017)