High Octane Refreshments

Rating: 5


Value: 5

Discounts: None


Take a right at the giant hat and head toward One Man's Dream, then take a left and walk past the Pirates of the Caribbean: Legend of Jack Sparrow, and ultimately you'll come out by the Backlot Tour, directly across from which you'll find the bar.


I see what you're doing. That's only funny for people who also see what you're doing. Stop confusing people who may actually be reading this to try and learn something. Granted, I'm not sure who those people are, but I'm sure there's someone out there who hit the Buy Now with One Click button on Amazon by accident. 


Oh, is that what you tell people when they find your Kindle's softcore porn collection?

Bite me. And fix the location description so someone can actually find this place.


Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. It's at the back of the park next to Studio Catering Company, okay??? Happy now??? None of those other places I mentioned actually exist anymore because #progress.


Cars-y.  But not like Pixar's Cars.  Like the Epic Shit Show Spectacular, or whatever that cars stunt show is called that's located at the back of DHS that France “gifted” to us like the goddamn Statue of Liberty’s uglier sister.

Indiana Jones has the Epic Stunt Show Spectacular. The show you're referring to is Lights Motors Action! Extreme Stunt Show. 


Extreme Shit Show, got it.


I will tell you straight up that I frickin' love High Octane Refreshments.  High Octane Refreshments, or HOR for short, is the most meta of all WDW bar themes.  For HOR, is, in fact, the DHS of bars.  You’re all “why is this bar themed to a stunt show two blocks away when the bar is sort of attached to a counter service restaurant themed to craft services of a movie set which used to be a ride but isn’t there anymore but also attached to a giant playground themed to Honey I Shrunk the Kids, a movie that no one of age to play in said playground has ever even heard of?”  And then you start asking, “why does this park have a roller coaster themed to a geriatric rock group located next door to an elevator themed to a black and white TV series just down the street from what was once an actual animation studio but is now just a giant walk-through commercial for George Lucas’s billion dollar brain farts, yet all I can hear being blared through speakers is “Let It Go”?  And then, BOOM, you get it.  HOR is on fucking point.

Beyond the Standard Bar Menu: 
  • Beers on Draft:

    • Bud Light 4.2% ABV

    • Stella Artois 5.2% ABV

    • Sam Adams Seasonal 5.3% ABV

    • Schofferhofer Grapefruit 2.5% ABV

    • Sam Adams Rebel IPA 6.5% ABV

    • Yuengling 4.4% ABV

  • Frozen Mango Margarita: Patron Silver Tequila blended with Mango Puree and topped with Passion Fruit Mango Foam

  • Frozen Pina Colada: with Myers's Original Dark Rum

  • Frozen Margarita: Sauza Gold Tequila, Triple Sec, Lime Juice, and Sweet and Sour

  • Frozen Rum Runner: Don Q Cristobal Rum, Blackberry Brandy, Creme de Banana, and Tropical Juices topped with a float of Myers's Original Dark Rum

  • Grand Margarita: Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila, Grand Marnier, Sweet and Sour, and Lime Juice

  • Banana Cabana: Cruzan Mango Rum, Coruba Coconut Rum, Creme de Banana, and Orange and Pineapple Juice with a splash of Grenadine

  • Captain's Mai Tai: Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum, Amaretto, and Tropical Juices topped with a float of Myers's Original Dark Rum

My Take: An excellent drink. Just the right amount of alcohol. (In case you were wondering what the "right" amount is, it's a crap ton).

  • High Octane: Tito's Handmade Vodka, Bacardi Superior Rum, Hendrick’s Gin, Blue Curacao, and Sweet and Sour with a splash of Sprite

My Take: This may have been a one-time situation based on a mis-pour, but this was gin heavy. I don't care much for British stuff that tastes like Christmas trees, but Rhiannon loves this swill.

  • Tropical Splash: Skyy Vodka, Midori, and Pineapple Juice


It’s easily one of the top three bars in all of DHS.  This is partly to do with the fact that there only are three bars in all of DHS, but mostly because HOR is great.  As one would expect from a bar named HOR, drinks are STRONG and the bartenders are proud of that fact.

Pro-tip: Ask for any of their frozen drinks on the menu to be served on the rocks. Not only will they be stronger, but they’ll be freshly concocted as opposed to dispensed out of a pre-mixed, pre-blended vat.  Always know how to game the system.  



Seating is not plentiful.  There are only three chairs at the bar itself, and two or three little tables outside of it.  However, feel free to grab a table at the next door Studio Catering Company quick service establishment and be "those people" as families around you eat chicken nuggets and judge your noon-time beverage choices.  

Also, given HOR’s ambiguous theming (not everyone is nuanced enough to get it) and location in the rumored plot of the upcoming Toy Story Land, one has to worry about its future.  My advice is to get there while you can.  And then drunkenly explore the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground until you’re escorted out by the Mouse Police.

Actually, it may have more staying power than you think. What would your reaction be if I told you that High Octane was the highest grossing bar on Disney property -- including Disneyland?