Mexico's Margarita Stand

Rating:  1
Value: 1


In the Mexico Pavilion, outside of the Aztec temple



Roadside margarita stand that you’d likely encounter en route between Tijuana and your doom.

Sounds like your bachelor party gone wrong.


It’s a margarita stand. It serves those too lazy to enter the Aztec temple and seek out good margaritas. It’s the Compass and Ale to the Yacht Club’s Crew’s Cup. But we’ll get to that later… 


Beyond the Standard Bar Menu:

• 3 Shot Tequila Flight: Blanco, Reposado and Añejo

• Ambhar Blanco Tequila Shot

• Casa Noble Organic Blanco Shot

• Maestro Dobel Reposado Shot

• Guava Margarita on the rocks

• Patrón Lime Margarita on the rocks

• Frozen Margaritas: lime, strawberry or mango

• Dos Equis Lager (4.45% ABV)

• Mexican Red Sangria

• Watermelon White Sangria 

Note: Either Sangria may be topped with pomegranate liqueur or tequila blanco


Pro-Tip: Go inside.



Ease of access. If you’re already pretending to be handicapped to bypass ride lines and the need to walk, this margarita spot is the one for you!




Seriously? I’d by no means tell anyone to go out of their way to patronize this place, but if the line for La Cava is out the door and you’re craving tequila (as one is wont to do), it fulfills a need.


Fine. It’s the methadone clinic of World Showcase.

Someone seems to be guilty of Writing While Grumpy. Here, have a shot of tequila, and try this review again.




Tequila makes you speak Spanish??? What happens when I ply you with Scotch instead?


Ayyyyye, lassie. Wanna see what I’m wearing under me kilt???

I hate my life.