Ale & Compass

Rating: 2
Value: 2

The lobby of the Yacht Club Resort



Nautical things and beer: two things that in and of themselves I find most agreeable! Combine them together, and kablammo!!! A really dull lobby bar. Good job, Yacht Club, you made beer boring.



I’m going to let you in on some secret history: back in 1990 when the Yacht Club first opened, the 

location of the Ale and Compass was actually a Thomas Kinkaid “gallery”. The only bar at the resort was Crew’s Cup, located down the hall and around the corner. However, so many guests complained that they couldn’t find it that Disney finally decided to add this second, in-your-face bar to appease angry privileged folk incapable of reading a map. Interesting to note: many of these are the same people who appear shocked to learn that their park-hopper passes do not gain them access to Universal Studios. But at least we can toast to their ignorance for getting us a second bar of similar theming within 100 paces of the first. Thankfully, the better of the two — Crew’s Cup — sees less foot traffic and crowds due to all of the uninformed people who end their search for cocktails at the subpar Ale and Compass. Now, don’t you feel more informed?


Absolutely none of that is true. You are just making shit up now.

Hey! Plenty of that was true! Like Crew’s Cup being better.


That’s one thing. One thing does not equal “plenty”.


What am I supposed to say? It’s a lobby bar. I can’t write an epic poem about a lobby bar!


Literally zero people are asking you to do that.


Beyond the Standard Bar Menu: 

• …

Nope, nuthin’. Just the Standard Bar Menu. Cheers!





Why are you drinking your alcohol at Ale and Compass when there’s Crew’s Cup instead? HAVE I TAUGHT YOU NOTHING?!?!