Portobello Country Italian Trattoria

Rating: 2
Value: 2

Disney Springs Landing, located between Raglan Road and Fulton’s



The Olive Garden’s snobbier sister



It’s your standard restaurant bar where the majority of patrons are guests waiting for their table. There’s nothing special drawing you here unless you, too, are waiting for your table (and if that’s the case, may I ask why? Was there no other available ADR anywhere on property???). There isn’t a unique atmosphere or setting, there isn’t overly comfortable seating, and there isn’t any entertainment value to speak of. That having been said, it meets my ADR cheat qualification in that you can order the full menu from the bar with no reservation. But why?


I think you’re being a little harsh. In peak season with high crowds, high demands, and left with the choice between Portobello or Planet Hollywood as the only ADRs left, Portobello’s a slam dunk, food-wise. It’s pretty decent.


High praise!


Beyond the Standard Bar Menu:

• Cherry Noir: Grey Goose Cherry Noir, limoncello, Pinot Noir

• Dolce Vita: tequila, Aperol and amaretto

• Italian Manhattan: Local Palm Ridge Whiskey, Liquor 43, amaretto, orange slice

• Mediterranean Mule: House-crafted limoncello, fig vodka, and ginger beer

• Orange-tini : Florida Cane Orlando Orange Vodka with Cocchi Americano

• Stregarita: Strega, añejo tequila, fresh lime

• Vacanza: Malibu and fruit juices

My Take: Nothing says “Country Italian Trattoria” like Malibu!



Portobello is one of the less popular dining destinations at Disney Springs, making its bar a safe bet for an available seat. But with the other 74 Italian restaurants on property, there isn’t any other stand-out reason to visit.


C’mon — house-made limoncello!!!



When even Rhiannon would argue that a value resort pool bar is more fun,  you know you 

have a problem.

When did I say that?!? I mean, you’re not wrong, but… hey!

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