A what now?


A snacktail.  It’s a cocktail that is both a snack and a drink.


Huh.  I don’t entirely hate that.  Weird.


There’s a first time for everything!



What a way to cap off a laid back bar crawl.  High above the crowd below, sipping an epic beverage.


At this point, I shall defer to you.  Still have some energy?   Grab a bus to the park of your choice and continue the adventure at Rose & Crown, Nomad Lounge, or stop by and say hello to your hubs at Tune-In Lounge.


Need a nap?  I guess ask Rhiannon what to do.


Ooooh!  Well, there’re lots of comfy padded sectional seats on the roof deck, or there’re the hidey-hole booths in the back of Bongos (and let’s face it, who goes to Bongos?), or there are couches at the Edison, or you could lay out in a row of the boat back to Port Orleans, or there’s your car, or you could just get a room, or…


ENOUGH.  We’ll see if I ever give you free rein again.  Lordy.


Oh, you think I need your permission?!?!?


Okay, this is getting ugly.  Time to wrap things up!  No matter where you end your day, I hope you had a chill time on this Laid Back Napping Drinking Plan and THANK YOU for reading Drinking at Disney!!! 


Yes, thank you very, very much! :)


Ryann’s Laid Back Drinking Plan


Based on your responses to our wee questionnaire, I take it that you enjoy a pretty laid back style for vacations, so I’m going to flex my creative muscles and call this “Ryann’s Laid Back Drinking Plan”!


Let’s start at the most laid back concept we can muster: The Sprit of Hemingway and the quaint streets of Key west.  You know what that means: head on over to the Gurgling Suitcase at Disney’s Old Key West Resort!  We’ll also target minimal amount of driving, so let’s just park here for a moment while we enjoy our first beverage. 




There are several unique cocktails here, and the bartenders often have a “special of the day” type of thing that’s their own concoction.  If you’d like my recommendation, the Turtle Krawl is where I like to start.  They now even have GIANT SOUVENIR GLASSES(!!!), so make your choice depending on just how big you want to go today. 


If we’re being really laid back, wouldn’t the best plan be to just find a chaise lounge and double fist 64-ounce Rum Runners?

What kind of drinking plan would that be?

Sounds like a solid one to me.


Ignore her.  She lacks vision.


If it’s lunchtime already, order some food.  They have the FULL ARSENAL of Olivia’s restaurant usually available, so that’s lots of awesome eats for “just” a Disney bar.  When you’ve enjoyed yourself a bit, I suggest heading back through the “Village” of Conch Flats to check out the cool 90’s DVC photos in the Olivia’s waiting area.  There’s also a pretty neat little gift shop on your way to the car.  Now hop in for just a very short drive over to Disney’s Port Orleans Resort!


Park at Port Orleans Riverside, and head on down to the Muddy Rivers Pool Bar.  Here, the “laid back style” continues over at Ol’ Man Island where the drinks are strong and the vibe is chill.  Lots of shade from the trees provide a cool place to relax and order some specialty cocktails if you’re feeling it or some Southern style beers.


Be sure to take your time and enjoy the surroundings. Or, if you’re Rhiannon, you can go park yourself in a hammock and give up.




To each their own. 




Once you’re satiated with this stop, make sure to grab a strolling beverage because we are going to take a tranquil jaunt on down the Sassagoula river to the next stop.  So get that drink and get to meandering!  It’s an easy trek, and the path is beautiful.


Make like a log raft and head on south down the river until you see the giant Leviathan sea serpent.  Then you’ll know you’re there: you’re at Mardi Grogs!!  




If you think Mardi Gras is relaxing, clearly you’ve never hit up Bourbon Street after dark.


Well, luckily this isn’t Bourbon Street, and we’re likely still in daylight hours here.  Now, as I was saying…


Here at Mardi Grogs, they have Hurricanes and other cocktails, along with New Orleans-style beers.  You really can’t go wrong with any selection, and they always have top-notch bartenders.  In addition to the great drinks, you can take in some great music, too!


After you’ve gotten your Big Easy on, it’s time for a bit of an adventure as you hop aboard the Sassagoula River Boat and head to Disney Springs!!




Enjoy the peaceful ride down the river, taking in the sights and sounds of the golf course and Treehouse Villas, which always remind me of the early days of Walt Disney World.  Once you reach your destination, it’s all ashore who’s going to shore: you’re at Disney Springs!!


Here you are just a short stop from one of my favorite, yet totally underrated spots: Dockside Margaritas!




Dockside has a great menu, with both margaritas and other specialty cocktails, but also a solid beer menu. Typically, they even have music out on the patio to really amp up the laid back vibe, but the waterfront location can do that all on its own.  No real need for a go-cup here, as Mr. Lindsey is just a few minutes away.


Jock Lindsey’s is certainly one of my favorites, and also just as relaxing.  I highly suggest getting a seat at the bar if you can in order to avoid dealing with cocktail service.  The bartenders are usually great at this location. 


Say hi to William for me!


My favorite drink is Bam’s Barnstormer but Mark (Rhiannon’s fiancé) prefers the Reggie’s Revenge.  Either way you’re good to go!


If you prefer my Napping Plan approach, there’s always the bell diver booth for a hint of privacy…






Don't forget to look around at the Indiana Jonesey artifacts and fun stuff on the wall. Hopefully the regular music is playing which is phenomenal!!!


And if it’s not, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY.


Then let’s head to the main attraction... the destination you’ve been waiting for…  Paddlefish and its iconic bloody mary that you mentioned in the email.  Head up to the third floor (rooftop) and let’s get that pinchy snacktail!