Retail Therapy

Have I mentioned that I have a book for sale??? 

Only seven times a day and ten on weekends.

Fine.  But here's something maybe you don't know: If you buy the paperback version on Amazon, you'll get the Kindle version for free!  It's BOGO, baby!

I think it's more of a BPBGKF offer?  But sure.  Cool.


Rolls right off the tongue!

If you've already bought your paperback, all you need to do to collect your Kindle copy is:

  1. Sign into Amazon.

  2. Navigate to our book's page.

  3. Select the Kindle copy.

  4. And WHOA, look at that -- the price tag is $0.00!

  5. Press Buy Now.

  6. Come back to the book page and leave us a kick-ass review :)