Rhiannon's Official Announcement

The following is the post I wrote on my personal blog, officially announcing the book. Due to a lack of content on this site, I'm sharing it here with you all.

I know, I know: I've been an absentee blogger. A deadbeat. An abondoner. But I had a very good reason! And that reason is this: I wrote a book.

Yes, that's right -- in the months I've been not writing here, I've in fact been working on another project (I've been stepping out on you!). Like a pregnant woman only one month along, I was hesitant to make any formal announcements until I knew for a fact that it would stick, that I was keeping it, and that I could narrow down the identity of the father. Now that all formalities have been cleared, I'm finally comfortable announcing.

The book is a "collaborative" effort between myself and my nemesis, Drunko (@DrunkAtDisney on Twitter, in case you'd like to send him hate mail directly. If you do, please CC me, as I get a real kick out of reading it). We conceived of writing an adventurous guide to drinking at WDW -- including reviews of all bars and lounges, drinking plans, guidelines, advice, tips, tricks, and the names of some good lawyers in the area.

I agreed to be part of this arduous on-taking for one reason and one reason only: by crowning myself sole Editor, I had all final say in any and all content of the book and any potentially libelous claims that likely would've been made against me had I not agreed to "help." I make my voice known throughout -- mostly in insulting Drunko, but also in setting straight some facts as well as his obviously incorrect opinions.

The first rough draft is complete and, miraculously, has not been promptly scoffed at and then set on fire by our publisher, Leonard Kinsey, author of The Dark Side of Disney and head of Bamboo Forest Publishing. Despite my recurring nightmares, he actually did show up for our meeting yesterday, did not laugh at me, and none of my teeth fell out. Progress!

We're in the second trimester now, which means I've been goaded into making this announcement even though I'd rather wait until the thing actually exists and simply show up at a family event one day with the proverbial baby and say, "oh, did I forget to tell people? My bad." Alas, this "cooperative partners" thing is a real son of a bitch. No pun intended.

So here we are. We still have some more work to do, but we're in the home stretch -- mostly decorating and trying to decide on a name. I like "Drunk at Disney's Guide to Drinking at Disney;" he prefers "Madda'syn." Hopefully we'll have this all wrapped up and decided upon for a projected spring/summer 2016 arrival. Until then, we appreciate your dismay and support, and we're registered at Total Wine.