Another One Bites the Dust

As some of you may have heard, a mere month after opening a sad, half-assed attempt at a "bar" within the Canada Pavilion, Epcot finally threw up its hands in defeat and pulled the plug. It's always frustrating when I have to make a last minute change to the manuscript before the book officially comes out; it's doubly frustrating when I made a last minute change to include this review and then another to remove it. Thanks, Shangai? Anyway, I guess this is good news for people who want more content on this site: yet another retired review to whet your appetite.


Editor's Note: Ahem, I think you're forgetting a bar.

Nope, I don't think so.

Editor's Note: Yes, the new bar that just opened in May of 2016 in Canada.

There's no new bar.

Editor's Note: Behold...

Trading Post Refreshments

That?!?! Not a real bar.

Editor's Note: It's as real as Weinkeller or Maison du Vin!

Hardly! At least those Total Wine wannabes sell more than four flippin' options. But seeing as I know you're not going to quit pestering me, here you go:

Rating: 1 Value: 0 Discounts: None Standard Bar Menu: No Location: Mooseland Theme: N/A Vibe: Eh?

Editor's Note: Come on!

What do you want me to say? Canada's been operating with its one, sad popcorn cart that also happens to sell beer since park opening in 1982 (I'm assuming), and then suddenly they hear I'm writing the world's greatest literary work. And voilà, after I've already declared myself done with the book, they take a corner of their weak, meager gift shop that sells maple leaf onesies for adults, and turn it into a "bar"? No. Not going to dignify this personal attack with a review.

Editor's Note: Yes, "personal." Uh-huh. Sure.

Beyond the Standard Bar Menu:

  • Inniskillin Ice Wine

  • Neige Apple Ice Wine

  • Beers by the Bottle:

  • Unibroue Blanche de Chambly 5% ABV

  • Molson Canadian 5% ABV

Pros: If only I got paid per bar review...

Cons: Table-flippingly offensive to me.

Editor's Note: In all fairness, Canada needed another outlet for drinks, and while this is far from ideal, it's better than nothing. Though, if I may offer my more sane and rational view of things: the options are limited, and based on the price point, ABV point, and tastiness point, you're better off sticking with La Fin du Monde back at the cart on draft. So, while my ultimate assessment may be the same as Drunko's, it's definitely not for the same belligerent reasons.